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Testosterone Propionate Powder | 99.43% Test Propionate Raw Steroid

CAS NO.:58-20-8
EINECS: 200-368-4
MF(Molecular Formula): C27H40O3
MW(Molecular Weight): 412.6047
Effective dose: 200 – 1000mg per week
For: 12 – 24 weeks
Every two days injection 100mg, 8 weeks


Testosterone Propionate Description 

Testosterone Propionate is a single ester testosterone compound and represents one of the most important testosterone compounds every manufactured. When synthetic testosterone was first created it was in its pure form. Simply put there was no ester attached, thereby providing a fast acting compound that would necessarily require a very frequent administration schedule.
Due to its short half-life, testosterone propionate typically needs to be injected every other day at a minimum. Anecdotally, testosterone propionate causes the least side effects and the least bloating; these side effects usually subside very quickly when use is ceased.


Testosterone Propionate Effecy

Testosterone Propionate can be stacked with 17aa oral anabolic steroids such as, Dianabol, Winstrol and Anavar (Oxandrolone).
increase of muscle mass;
restore of exercise-damaged muscles;
enhancement of strength and endurance;
stimulation of red blood cells’ production;
protection of heart against coronary diseases.


Testosterone PropionateDosage

Testosterone Propionate is injected 50-100mg every other day for performance enhancing, or in larger doses if the athletes or bodybuilder is more experienced.
As a performance enhancing drug (PED), 100mg every day is suggested in combination with an AI or SERM to control estrogenic side effects. Aromasin at 25mg every day or Arimidex 1mg every other day would be advised to keep estrogen levels in normal ranges.


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