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High quality Methandriol Dipropionate / M.D. (Probolin) Steroids raw powders for bodybuilders gain mass muscle with best manufacturer price CAS 3593-85-9 Welcome to Contact For more details Directly: Whatsapp +8618230646395 Email: [email protected]



High quality Methandriol Dipropionate / M.D. (Probolin) Steroids raw powders for bodybuilders gain mass muscle with best manufacturer price CAS 3593-85-9

Welcome to Contact Mitchell For more details Directly: Whatsapp +8618230646395 Email: [email protected]

Methandriol Dipropionate (M.D.) is a form of the water-dissolved Methandriol but Methandriol Dipropionate remains effective for a longer period of time. On the one hand, Methandriol Dipropionate can be dissolved in oil for injection purposes and, on the other hand, Methandriol Dipropionate is produced in tablet form since it is also effective when taken orally M.D. has a strong anabolic and androgenic component so that it is suitable for the buildup of strength and muscle mass.

Basic details:

Product name: Methandriol Dipropionate


Other Name: M.D ; Probolin

CAS Number: 3593-85-9, Molecular Weight: 416.593 ;

Density: 1.1±0.1 g/cm3, Boiling Point: 479.1±45.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula: C26H40O4 , Melting Point: 35-36°C , Flash Point: 228.0±27.1 °C

Place of Origin: Made in China, high quality guarantee;

Package: foil bag or tin, or as you demand;

Properties: white or almost white powder.

Usage: pharmaceutical intermediates. The few athletes using this drug report good strength gains, a solid muscle gain, and low water retention. The combination steroids aromatize only slightly so, when taking only M.D., the use of antiestrogens is perhaps appropriate.

Min Order Quantity: 10grams, sample is ok ;

Price: depends on the quantity you want, welcome contact me for more details;

Molecular structure:


Dosage of Methandriol Dipropionate / Probolin:

The usual dosage for athletes is 100 mg every 2-3 days. In Europe only the oral form of M.D. is available. Also in this case it is beneficial to combine M.D. with another steroid, preferably an injectable one. The normal daily dose is 40-60 mg and is usually taken in 2-3 individual doses spread over & day The tablets are usually taken for only 4-6 weeks since the effect decreases quickly, thus requiring higher dosages.

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Resend policy is available if the parcle is seized or any quality problems been found.

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